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Claims Administration Services

Every intricacy and nuance will be cared for by experienced hands - people who turn the imposing task of Claims Administration into a positive outcome.  

How we flourish in this field:


  • Gompers Lohri & Associates, PLLC, we create and control secure working areas. We also on an ongoing basis, identify, review and update Class Members' information.

Claims Administration / Database

  • Review status of claims
  • Authorize and track disbursements
  • Manage deadlines
  • Update contact information
  • Provide required reporting to courts, etc.
  • Provide timely response to all inquiries (phone, email etc.)

Cost Containment

  • We strive to provide the most cost-effective and efficient methods for services rendered.

Why Gompers Lohri & Associates, PLLC

  • We enjoy working on these engagements. To provide a quality "product / service", it's important that a robust communication channel continues with our clients, the claimants and their beneficiaries.
  • As Claims Administrator, we act as investigators, strategists and litigation managers. We are both conduit and buffer between claimants and carriers.

Contact our Claims Administration Team

  • Joseph N. Gompers / Bruce Weaver
  • (304) 242-9300
  • (844) 805-9844 Toll-free
  • (304) 242-3854 Fax

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